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Fee Protection Insurance

Fact: Self Assessment has led to a very marked increase in Inland Revenue random enquires resulting in increased professional costs to prove your innocence - it is now a question of when the Revenue will investigate you, not if.

Fact: The Revenue do not have to give a reason for mounting an investigation into your business or personal affairs - everyone is at risk.

The experts at IRPC are also available to assist in any investigations with the authorities.

We are keen to provide you with the best possible support and advice, which is why we are working with IRPC and their Fee Protection Policy - an insurance scheme for you and your business - which will give cover for £50,000 worth of professional fees resulting from:

  • Inland Revenue investigations/full enquiries
  • VAT disputes
  • Employer Compliance Disputes, including PAYE/P11D

This is an urgent matter as the Revenue are issuing notices daily.

You will have the security of an insurance policy to protect your business costs.

An important benefit of the IRPC Policy is free, unlimited access to IRPC's telephone advice line, providing answers to any questions you may have on:

  • Employment and personnel issues
  • Health and Safety
  • Commercial legal matters
  • We encourage all our clients to take up this cover without hesitation. Please contact us for details of costs.

    Summary of Cover

    Important: This is a "claims made" insurance. Claims must be received by IRPC in writing during the period of insurance.

    We have arranged this policy with IRPC Group Limited to provide cover against the costs of protecting your interests during Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise investigations and disputes. It covers representation costs up to £50,000 should you become involved in any of the following Insured Incidents within Great Britain and Northern Ireland:

    1. 1. Accounts Investigations and Full Enquiries
      a. An In Depth Accounts Investigation by the Inland Revenue; or
      b. A Self Assessment Full Enquiry by the Inland Revenue.
    2. 2. Employer Compliance Disputes A dispute with the Inland Revenue or the Contributions Agency concerning compliance with Pay as You Earn or Social Security Regulations.
    3. 3. Value Added Tax Disputes A dispute with H M Customs and Excise following their issue of an assessment, written decision or notice of civil penalty relating to Value Added Tax.

    Important Exclusions

    • Claim circumstances we or you ought to have known about before you were covered by the policy.
    • Enquiries limited to one or more specific aspects of a Self Assessment return.
    • Investigations by the Inland Revenue Special Compliance Office or H M Customs and Excise National Investigations Service.
    • Investigations carried out under Section 60 headed "VAT evasion: conduct involving dishonesty" of the VAT Act 1994.
    • Criminal prosecutions.
    • Representation costs incurred without IRPC's consent.

    Important Conditions

    • In respect of Accounts Investigations and Full Enquiries, accounts and tax returns must have been submitted on time. Any of these under investigation or enquiry must have been prepared or submitted by us.
    • You must at all times during the course of a claim:
      - give us and IRPC a full and truthful account of your affairs
      - co-operate with and follow our and IRPC's advice
    • There must be good prospects of reducing any alleged liability to tax or National Insurance Contributions.

    Claims Procedure

    You should let us know of a possible claim as soon as possible. We will report claims to IRPC in writing. IRPC will usually ask for a claim form to be completed and returned with supporting information. IRPC will appoint us to represent your interests and our costs will be billed direct to IRPC. You will be asked to pay any VAT element if you are VAT registered.

    Important: This document only provides a summary of the cover provided. A copy of the master policy, which provides full details of the terms, conditions and limitations of the cover, is available from us on request. Cover is underwritten by DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Limited.

    Contact us today to discuss your cover

    Next Step:

    Please contact us if you need further advice.

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